Who It Helps

The Olympic Bike Adventure is a Washington bike ride fund-raiser with all the proceeds to benefit the Sequim Sunrise Rotary Club, and the Port Angeles Parks & Recreation Department.

The Sequim Sunrise Rotary club has active volunteers working locally and internationally to improve and/or provide health, education, and public services in the form of charity. The promotion of peace and the eradication of polio are Rotary International’s top priority.

Olympic Bike Adventure

Shelter Box Family

Olypmic bike Adventure

Scotty Robinson and Shelter Box family

Olympic Bike Adventure

International Project


Olympic Bike Adventure

Flag Display

Olympic Bike Adventure

Rotary Flag Display


The Port Angeles Parks & Recreation Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community of Port Angeles. The are dedicated to deliver balanced, comprehensive, and high quality programs and services for residents and visitors alike. The City of Port Angeles offers a wide variety of recreation programs for the youth and adults in the community.


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